Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Shooting Sports Manual and the guide to safe scouting units or their sub groups (dens, patrols, etc) are allowed to set up a shooting or archery range on private property for unit shooting activities. This applies to packs, troops, varsity, crews, posts, etc.

You must follow all the requirements in the shooting sports manual before trying to establish a range on private property, Park lands, city or county lands, etc.

You must use a council camp range, Private or Public COMMERCIAL range.

Yes there is a web page that shows the most frequently asked questions that relate to shooting sports. Check the links page to find this information.

The PSC Shooting Sports Committee meets the second Monday of the month except July and August.

We meet at 7:30 pm at the Pacific Skyline Offices in Foster City.
PSC Offices - 1150 Chess Blvd, Foster City, Ca. 94404 .

Minimum 1 year shooting experience in the discipline being taken except BSA courses,
Pass a pre-qualification written and shooting exam- (NRA Instructor Courses)

Age 21 or older for NRA Instructor and RSO Courses, 18 to 21 for assistant instructor.

18 or older for NAA Archery Course.

18 or older for BSA Cub Rangemaster Courses.