This Sections contains forms relating to shooting sports.

National BSA Medical & Consent Form

This form is now required for each youth and adult in the scouting Program. Section C is the waiver / release form this must be filled out for a youth to participate in a shooting program.

Download National Medical & Consent Form

San Francisco Bay Area Council Medical & Consent Form

This form is similar to the National Form but with changes to the consent form in Section C. If you are going to a SFBAC Camp (Royeneh, Wente, or Los Mochas) you will need to use this form NOT the National medical & consent Form.

Download SFBAC Medical & Consent Form

Local Tour Plan Form

Tour Plan Form is required for all Pacific Skyline Council Camps. Tour plans may also be required by public and private ranges as a requirement for using the ranges.

Tour Plan FAQ'S

Merit Badge Counselor Application Form

To become a Merit Badge Counselor, you must take the Merit Badge Counselor Orientation training and be approved by the local Council. Bring this form, along with an adult application, to your orientation class. Once your application has been approved and your YPT (Youth Protection Training) verified, you will be notified that you are a Merit Badge Counselor.

Merit Badge Counselor Application Form